WhatsApp for Samsung

WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 or S6 edge is very easy indeed, as so is using the messaging app on the Galaxy Tab S, Tab 3, 4 and Note 4 etc because you can install the app via the Google Play Store. But when it comes to older Android versions of Samsung devices you have to use an alternative option.

WhatsApp for Samsung

Installing the messaging app on most Samsung devices is as simple as visiting Whatsapp.com and choosing your Android version. WhatsApp now owned by Facebook is one of the most used apps for sending text messages; making audio or video calls as well as transferring of files, videos and photos etc. It is a great app for connecting people.

It is not about the devices so much when it comes to downloading and installing WhatsApp for Samsung, but more to do with what android operating system you are using, you know such as Android 2.4 etc.

How do I download and install WhatsApp on my Samsung smartphone or tablet running older Android OS?

There is always a solution on how to get WhatsApp on a Samsung device running older operating systems; the problem with older ones is that you have to go through a different process. If downloading via Google Play store is not possible you will have to do it using the good old fashion manual install.

You will need to install an Android emulator, follow these quick instructions on how to get WhatsApp for Samsung using BlueStacks:

1) Install BlueStacks by clicking the button and following the instructions.
2) If you are a Samsung tablet owner you will need to go to Settings –> General –> Security and then take a look at option ‘Unknown Sources’.
3) Open a browser from your Samsung tablet then download the Apk version of WhatsApp (All links are located top right in order you need them).
4) Once APK has downloaded just follow the installation process.

The above is the easiest way possible to get WhatsApp for Samsung devices running older Android operating systems, which are not compatible with newer versions. The guide above uses the same process for any older devices.

Problems with WhatsApp for Samsung

Share issues, a fix, and ask for help with WhatsApp for Samsung below.

  • Clain

    Seems to be no matter what platform you use whatsapp on its all the same rubbish. Since the last update everyone seems to be having issues.

  • Reshma

    When will they add an option to send videos or photos to multiple people at the same time? Be good to tick a few people and send to all those selected at the same time rather than individually.

  • Sunny

    I love WhatsApp for Samsung and it is just getting better and better all of the time, the only problem i have is i went from iPhone to Android Samsung phone, and it seems to be much better on the Samsung and i cannot put my finger on it why.

  • Abbii

    I have used this for a while now and never had issues, it was a little hard at first getting in onto the computer but you have explained rather well above. So others should find it easy to do if they follow the instructions.

  • Pranav

    I have the Samsung S7220 Ultra b and was wondering if you can put whatsapp on this old phone. Yes i love this phone and will never change unless it breaks on me.

  • Jayden

    I totally agree with you, i done the above just now and its great. Works really well and now using on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Atharv

    BlueStacks is the best option by far, I have tried looking for others but not really worth looking into and I can see why` For PC India has left other alternatives out and rightfully so.

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